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She was born in a middle class family to father Gong Lize and mother Liu Ying. She is of Chinese nationality and is of Chinese descent. Gong was raised in Jinan. With the completion of her secondary education, she desired to join China’s top music school but she was not offered an admission. Later she got enrolled at Central Academy of Drama in Beijing and finally graduated from there in While she was still pursuing her higher education, she made her acting debut in Zhang Yimou first film Red Sorghum. She starred the role of Jiu’er in this movie. In , she appeared in the movies like The Empress Dowager, Mr. She got her rise in fame after she starred in the movie Qiu Ju da guan si. Gong became popular as an actress after she began appearing in the film directed by the Chinese director Yimou Zhang.

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Nowadays, Shenyang is established as an important industrial and transportation hub of the northeast China. But in the past, it went through many various stages of growth and stagnation. The most sublime is the first half of 17th century, during which Shenyang was the capital of the imperial China. Another point of interest I wanted to visit had no ties with ancient times, but supposed to offer a nice outlook at the present: I was excited about spending an evening there, having a bird’s perspective on the city; however, when I got there, I found out that it has been closed to public for some time.

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Obtain a visa prior to arrival and have a passport with at least six months’ validity remaining. The lack of either will result in a fine and immediate deportation. Apply for a ten-year multiple entry visa, useful for repeated travel or trips to Hong Kong or Macau with returns to China. You must have a valid visa to exit China and you must leave China before the expiration of the listed duration of stay. Lack of a visa, having an expired visa or overstaying your visa can result in detention and fines.

Do not expect your request to be expedited, so apply ahead of time. If you do enter a restricted area without the requisite permit, you could be fined, taken into custody, and deported for illegal entry. When transiting certain international airports, you may stay in mainland China without a Chinese visa. The duration of allowed stay and how broadly you may travel varies by region.

Transiting without a visa requires a valid passport, a visa for your onward destination if necessary , and an onward ticket from the same location. You must inform your airline upon check-in, and get an endorsement stamp at the immigration desk before leaving the airport. Failure to register with the police within 24 hours of arrival in the country could result in fines and deportation.

You can register with hotel staff or the local police station.

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Decision number two sounded a lot better to me at the time, so I packed my bags and headed to China. I had no money at the time and my parents have never been rich; in their eyes I was an adult and I needed to make my own decisions. I found a teaching job at a university and they helped me buy a plane ticket and I was off to China. I think the main reason I have stayed so long is because after a month or so of being in China, I met the love of my life.

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Technological innovation is at the core of the rapid development of the Shenyang Blower Ventilation Co. Li Zhijuan, a senior engineer at Shenyang Blower, led the design work on the fan and was especially happy with the result. The critical one was a brand new self-aligning bearing arrangement for the main shaft. SKF provided us with great support, from bearing selection to lubrication design. Founded in , Shenyang Blower was formerly an affiliate of Shenyang Blower Factory, which has a history dating back more than 60 years.

When the factory was transformed and restructured, becoming Shenyang Blower Works Group, Shenyang Blower became a wholly owned subsidiary of the Group. Statistics show thatthere are currently about 2, fan producers in China, many of which have a low level of technology and compete in the market with lower prices. Zhai has worked with Shenyang Blower Works Group for more than 10 years and has witnessed its rapid development. A veteran in the technical research of fan products, Zhai now leads a team of 33 design engineers, eight of whom are senior engineers.

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The Hong Kong-based hotel company is preparing to debut a new five-star hotel in the historic city of Shenyang, which is home to the only other existing royal palace in mainland China after the Forbidden City in Beijing. Shangri-La has created one of its luxury oasis to care for travellers in Shenyang. The hotel’s grand, tranquil lobby and Lobby Lounge are designed as if they were the “backyard” of the Imperial Palace, which is famed for its 20 gardens and roses the official flower of Shenyang.

Guests enter the hotel on a marble floor that appears strewn with rose petals, which are etchings filled in with three different marble inlays. The lobby’s soaring metre ceiling is supported by marble-clad columns depicting wind and clouds in a traditional Chinese, auspicious graphic style.

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The first time I went to view this museum I was late, found out from a security guard yelling at me as I walked up the stairs that the museum closes at 2 pm on Sundays and to come by during the week. That and my phone was running low on power and needed to charge it. More view from outside 2 a view of the museum from the outside and likely this coming time off I should be able to check the place out because apparently its tomb sweeping day this month.

So even if the museum is closed I would still have the chance to look around the Campus of the University. Finally I was able to visit the museum on April 9, As I made my way up the front steps I was really unsure what to expect. Well in some ways I was I know I was going to see something about dinosaurs and how it was related to Shenyang and Liaoning province in particular. That was about all I expected. I stepped inside and went to the information desk and it was there that they asked for my passport, for my response was to inform them that it was getting a visa and why did they want to see it.

They responded it was for records so they can say about the international tourists that came to the museum. This museum delves into earths past and the past of Shenyang and Liaoning province.

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Economy[ edit ] Fushun is a highly industrialized area and originally called City of Coal. It has developed as a thriving center for fuel, power and raw materials and is also offering more and more opportunities in textiles and electronics. The world’s largest open-pit coal mine, the West Open Mine , is located south of the city. Exploited from the 12th century, it was operated as an open pit mine during the 20th and early 21st Century; however, as of , the West Open pit, 1, feet deep, with an area of 4.

The total GDP of the city of Fushun was The GDP per capita of the city of Fushun was yuan in

About Shenyang Located approximately miles north of Beijing – about an hour’s flight, Shenyang is the largest political, economic, cultural and transportation centre of northeast China. It also has a history dating back more than 3, years.

In , the Manchu leader Nurhaci captured Shenyang and decided to relocate his entire administrative infrastructures to the city, or Simiyan hoton Manchu: The new name derives from the Manchu word, mukdembi Manchu: The palace featured more than ostentatiously decorated rooms and 20 gardens as a symbol of power and grandeur. However, Shenyang retained considerable importance as the secondary capital and the spiritual home of the Qing dynasty through the centuries.

In the aftermath of the Japanese threat, Qing viceroy Li Hongzhang visited Moscow in and signed a secret treaty with Russian foreign minister Aleksey Lobanov-Rostovsky , allowing Imperial Russia to build a Russian gauge railway in Manchuria, which opened the door towards further Russian expansionism in the form of another lease convention in , effectively allowing Russia to annex Northeast China in all but name.

However, after the Boxer Rebellion in , Russian forces used the anti-foreigner insurgency as a pretext to formally invade and occupied most of Manchuria, and Mukden became a Russian stronghold in the Far East with the building of the South Manchurian Railway. It also became the government seat of Fengtian province in In the early 20th century, Shenyang began expanding out of its old city walls.

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China’s self-developed large drone Xiangying completes test flights 1 Shenyang Institute of Automation of Chinese Academy of Sciences CAS , recently completed test flights of Xiangying unmanned helicopter and it has now entered its acceptance stage. The key components such as the control system, power system, transmission system are all domestically developed, indicating that the independent research and development ability of China’s large unmanned helicopter has been further improved.

Researchers made breakthroughs in the key technologies such as autonomous flight control, deck take-off and landing, marine protection, lightweight materials and engines. The unmanned helicopter has fulfilled the autonomous takeoff and landing on a ship deck for the first time among unmanned helicopters of its size and with domestic engines.

The Albanian Air Force (Forca Ajrore Shqiptare, FASH) is the national Air Force of the Albanian military. The first jet fighter to enter service was the MiG, dating officially the 15th of May , After the collapse of USSR-Albanian relations, significant numbers of Shenyang .

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How China ensured a lasting legacy for Nobel Peace laureate Liu Xiaobo Liu, the first Chinese citizen to be awarded a Nobel Prize of any kind while still living in China, died on Thursday of multiple organ failure after battling liver cancer. He was diagnosed in May, and treated at a hospital in the northeastern city of Shenyang. Zhou Fengsuo, a student leader in the Tiananmen pro-democracy protests, was living in exile in the United States in

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Shenyang Parks and Gardens Shenyang, Liaoning, China Some of the parks and gardens around the city of Shenyang are simply unmissable and provide a huge selection of seasonal colours, ranging from flowering cherries in the spring, to dramatic fall colours in the autumn. Beiling Park is of particular interest and is the largest urban space in the whole of Shenyang, while for the plant enthusiast, the Shenyang Botanical Garden Arboretum is home to almost 2, different varieties of plants.

Further away is the rather impressive Qian Shan National Park, which boasts a range of walking trails and recreational activities. Shenyang’s main parks and gardens are detailed below. Dating back to the late s and full of seasonal interest, the arboretum is home to a huge collection of plants, including many fragrant flowers and also large tree specimens, which provide pleasant shady areas. With a series of ponds, oriental-style statues and bridges, and eight individual themed gardens, there is always plenty to see here, whatever the time of year.

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Its products are widely used by the power, metallurgy, chemical, mining, cement, grain storage, sewage handling and metro sectors. It has a production facility covering more than 17, square metres and more than regular employees, and realized an annual turnover of 1 billion renminbi million euros in Technological innovation is at the core of the rapid development of Shenyang Blower Ventilation Co. Li Zhijuan, a senior engineer at Shenyang Blower, led the design work on the fan and was especially happy with the result.

The critical one was a brand new self-aligning bearing arrangement for the main shaft. SKF provided us with great support, from bearing selection to lubrication design.