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Tried an AC circuit bridge from detached black wire to white wire – nothing on the meter at all. Yes BOTH electrical switches were on, as was the breaker which tested clean. I am unable to access that because of how the gas lines are in front of it I really do not want to spend a ton to time tearing it a part and putting it all back. Those gas lines are small, and very “grouchy” to work with, especially when you have “Sasquach” sized hands. Unless someone else has an easy idea, it looks like I will be shipping the darn thing out to Warranty Repairs. Thanks for all the ideas folks. On our first camping trip of the season we forgot to fill the water heater before turning on the electric switch.

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If you do need additional wires, you will want to consider how difficult installing new wires will be for your application, and if you need to budget for an electrician or hvac tech to install the proper wiring. Modern electronic thermostats are no different from any other technology, in that they can do more, but can also seem complicated to install and understand.

This article provides the basics of what to expect and look for when wiring a new or existing thermostat.

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What you will learn in Thermostat Wiring Colors Code article: What thermostat wire color is likely to go to which terminal on the thermostat. Basic electrical safety and standards for wiring color The function of each wire terminal on the average thermostat. Additionally highlighting some of the differences in those functions from manufacturer to manufacturer. Wire is available here. Always turn the power off!

You can do this at the air handler and condenser. Always make sure there is no voltage at the transformer before proceeding. The thermostat wire colors below are the most likely colors used for most installations. However, your thermostat wire colors may be different than what is indicated here. There is no official standard for thermostat wire colors. You can consider this the standard wiring colors for thermostat and HVAC equipment.

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During cold weather, gas burners create heat in the heat exchanger Image 2 , which in turn heats the air. The hot air goes up into the plenum and from there flows to the supply trunk line Image 3 where it is distributed through vents throughout the rest of the home. The conditioned air then re-circulates back into the system as needed. During hot weather, you turn on the air conditioner and cooling coils inside the plenum Image 4 then cool the air, which is then distributed throughout the house.

You need a load calculation to make sure the furnace is large enough to supply the new room.

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You do your own plumbing, home improvements, and even change the oil in your car. Should you attempt it or are geothermal heat pumps just too complicated for even gifted amateurs? The answer is a little complicated. Obviously, there are some technical differences, but nothing obnoxiously complicated. You need a location for the pump, convenient connections to the interior ductwork, and easy access to the exterior ground loop. If you know your way around wires and utility boxes, this too is an area you should be able to handle.

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We are not a national franchise, we know the ins and outs of our local community. We are dedicated to supplying the best electrical work in New Jersey and have done so for many years. Check out the many locations we cover. You will always know the cost of the work before we start.

TEMCo’s POWER-WAVE™ XR-p line of phase converter panels enlist the same proven and rugged design used in the POWER-WAVE™ Rotary Phase Converter line in the money saving option of a “panel-only” offering.

Some require minimal work with minimal materials. Other sewer main installs require lots of excavation and red tape to ensure everything is up to code. While you may not be able to control everything, knowing all cost factors and understanding how each affects the bottom line will surely help you keep your final sewer line replacement price down. Location Like any plumbing project , bigger projects demand bigger pocketbooks.

For a sewer main, the distance between your home and the connector line will largely determine how big this project will be. Longer sewer lines require more materials and more time for installation. Therefore, the longer the sewer line that is needed, the more the project will cost. House Type Most of us prefer a stand-alone house to a condo or townhouse, but sewer line installations present a unique benefit to those in the latter. Permits Municipal permits are usually required for a sewer main installation.

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Kitchen receptacles that serve counter top surfaces Counter top receptacles within 6 feet of a wet bar sink. All receptacles in an unfinished basement: Crawl spaces at or below grade. Spas, Hydro massage, Hot tubs and associated electrical components. Pretty much any location where water and electricity might mix. An AFCI breaker will trip whenver an arc is detected.

On our first camping trip of the season we forgot to fill the water heater before turning on the electric switch. Our bad. The water heater worked on gas no problem for the trip and we assumed it was just the element that we burned out.

A good AC system will not only cool a home, but help control humidity as well. It is either paired with a furnace or it is part of the cooling cycle of a heat pump unit. As a matter of fact, a heat pump is simply an air-conditioner that cools in the summer but then runs in reverse in the winter, heating the home. Still, both furnace-paired and heat pump systems will have similar components.

Some components are installed inside the home while others are placed outside the home. Refrigerant has the unique ability to absorb and release heat energy rapidly. The condenser coil and compressor are typically mounted on a pad outside the home. The evaporator and blower also called air handler unit are located inside the home, usually in a basement, attic, or closet.

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The most common type of electrical problem is the wires themselves. Where ever there is a connection to a wire there is a potential problem. By connection I mean the factory crimped on connectors that attach to all the components.

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If you can’t adjust the central heating system to warm the room, consider adding an electric heater. You can conveniently mount electric heaters in walls shown above , in floors between joists , or along the baseboard. While electric heat is more expensive than gas, the heaters and materials for installation are much less expensive. Keep in mind that these are for auxiliary heat, not the main source. We recommend that you put the heater on a separate setback thermostat that automatically turns it on when you’re home and using the room.

In this article, we’ll show you how to hard-wire a heater, which means you have to run a separate circuit to the main panel. This is safer than using a plug-in portable heater, which can overload an existing circuit.

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