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Asher Weber Planet Earth was created over 4 billion years ago and relatively little is known about our history here. Archaeologists attempt to fill in the gaps of history to the best of their abilities but some discoveries are simply out of this world. Other findings revealing our horrific brutality may feel uncomfortably familiar. Vampire Graves Multiple buried corpses have been unearthed in Bulgaria with iron rods impaled through their chests. Archaeological evidence shows that the corpses date back around years. The finding gives evidence to the strong belief in Eastern Europe that vampires existed, much like the belief of witches in Western Europe and the Americas. The locals believed that vampires would not rise from the dead if buried with a stake through their hearts. Scores of people were killed because they were accused of being vampires. Piri Reis Map In Ottoman admiral and cartographer Piri Reis compiled a world map depicting continents and coastlines with some accuracy which were thought to be undiscovered at the time.

The truth about Easter Island: A sustainable society has been falsely blamed for its own demise

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Easter Island: Easter Island, Chilean dependency in the eastern Pacific Ocean. It is the easternmost outpost of the Polynesian island world and is famous for its giant stone statues. To its original inhabitants the island is known as Rapa Nui, and its population is predominantly of Polynesian descent.

Jared Diamond then sent over a robust response, which I published in full. Now Lipo and Hunt in turn respond to Diamond, which I am happy also to publish in full below. We acknowledge that Diamond has much at stake here. But so do the Easter Islanders. So too does the field of archeology. And so too does the truth. Sadly, this thesis was not challenged because it so conveniently confirmed 18th century prejudice about superior European and inferior everyone not European societies. Thor Heyerdahl expanded the story and added a further racist twist about lighter-skinned people who accomplished much, and darker-skinned people who incited rebellion, warfare, and ruin.

Diamond simply continues the tradition by reworking the tale to remove the racist elements, relying instead upon an environmental twist put forth by popular writer Bahn and palynologist Flenley. An important role of scholarship is to examine long-held myths and see if they hold up under modern scientific tests.

A More Colorful Ancient Greece: Pigment Proves Classical Statues Were Once Painted

People who suffer from narcolepsy fall asleep all the time. Can science ease their Living Nightmare? A civilisation isolated by 4, km of Pacific Ocean was about to meet the outside world for the first time in centuries.

Map of Easter Island from J Gilbert’s log of the voyage of HMS Resolution through the Pacific from The National Archives UK/CC. The question of population size is one we still cannot.

This post may contain affiliate links — the cost is the same to you, but we get a referral fee. Compensation does not affect rankings. There are many monuments and artifacts around the world that garner amazement and intrigue, but perhaps one of the most puzzling is the Easter Island heads, also called Moai. It is believed that there are approximately of these statues on Easter Island. Rapa Nui is the Polynesian term used to refer to Easter Island.

Annexed in , Easter Island is a territory of Chile. Easter Island is stated to be the most remote inhabited island in the world; however, the afore-mentioned exploitation is beginning to take its toll. Why is it Called Easter Island? While locals refer to the island as Rapa Nui, most others refer to it as Easter Island. Where is Easter Island? Easter Island is approximately The maximum altitude of the island is 1, feet tall and there are no permanent streams or rivers.

There are three volcanoes on Easter Island:

25 Best Tropical Islands

The truth about Easter Island: Few places on earth are as well known for their so-called mysteries as Easter Island, also known as Rapa Nui. For a tiny island of 64 square miles, with its nearest neighbours some 1, miles away, it has seen more than its fair share of controversy. And how can we explain its apparent paradox: Anthropologists have long wondered whether these seemingly simple inhabitants really had the capacity for such cultural complexity.

Or was a more advanced population, perhaps from the Americas, actually responsible — one that subsequently wiped out all the natural resources the island once had?

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Search 25 Best Tropical Islands Tropical islands offer the perfect setting for a relaxing getaway that will let you recharge in a beautiful setting with palm trees and colorful sunsets. Here are some of the best tropical places to visit on vacation. Incredibly, each of the 90 resorts in the Maldives is situated on its own island. From the remarkable undersea restaurant of Conrad Maldives Rangali Island to the Four Seasons Maldives annual surfing championship on KudaHuraa, there is plenty to see and do.

Visitors will find terrific diving and snorkeling around scads of coral house reefs inhabited with colorful marine life. Powdery white sand beaches and translucent turquoise waters beckon beachgoers. Bahamas The Bahamas is a coral archipelago with islands and more than cays scattered over , square miles of the Atlantic Ocean, about 50 miles off the coast of Florida. The population of the Islands range from deserted to packed, and the most visited are Grand Bahama and Paradise Island.

Home to the Andros Barrier Reef, the Bahamas are a scuba divers paradise and some of the best tropical islands to visit in the Caribbean. Diving Thunderball Grotto, immortalized in the James Bond movie Thunderball, and the black coral gardens of Bimini are not to be missed. The crystal clear waters of the Bahamas are the clearest in the world and offer fantastic visibility of up to feet or more.

Discovered by Columbus, exploited by the Spanish and plundered by pirates, the Bahamas now happily welcome visitors today. It is a great family vacation spot, with something for everyone: From fascinating historic tours and lavish resorts for ultimate pampering, to fishing, boating, kayaking, diving or doing nothing at all on one of the spectacular white beaches.


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Yesterday I examined geologist Robert M. Schoch’s attempt to radically revise human history by claiming that the Easter Island writing system, traditionally dated to c. .

Chronology Radiocarbon dating shows that Easter Island was inhabited by AD, and possibly by the 4th century. This fits in with the tradition that there had been 57 generations of kings since Hotu Matua; allowing an average of 25 years per generation, this takes us back to AD. Some archaeologists suspect that the island must have been settled several centuries earlier. There is of course no evidence — only theories and assumptions — to rule out the possibility that the island was inhabited millennia before this; as mentioned in section 2, some native traditions point to pre-Polynesian settlement.

As already explained, the standard view is that Polynesians discovered Easter Island by chance and that after its initial colonization it was not visited by anyone else until the Europeans began to arrive in the early 18th century. As shown in section 3, the evidence is ambiguous but is certainly consistent with some sort of South American influence alongside the prevalent Polynesian influence. The island could have received settlers or visitors from both east and west on many occasions.

There is clear evidence of different phases of development in statue carving and platform construction, and the insistence that all the archaeological remains must be crammed into a history spanning just years is theory-driven.

Easter Island – was it really so isolated?

Introduction[ edit ] Oral tradition states the island was first settled by a two-canoe expedition, originating from Marae Renga or Marae Toe Hau , and led by the chief Hotu Matu’a and his captain Tu’u ko Iho. The island was first scouted after Haumaka dreamed of such a far-off country; Hotu deemed it a worthwhile place to flee from a neighboring chief, one to whom he had already lost three battles.

At their time of arrival, the island had one lone settler, Nga Tavake ‘a Te Rona. After a brief stay at Anakena, the colonists settled in different parts of the island. Hotu’s heir, Tu’u ma Heke, was born on the island. Tu’u ko Iho is viewed as the leader who brought the statues and caused them to walk.

A revised edition of The Complete Guide to Easter Island has been released by the Easter Island Foundation. Like its predecessor, which underwent three printings and has sold more copies than any other EIF publication, this expanded version brings together the latest scientific and tourist information in a format designed to appeal to both researchers and lay readers alike: Sections on history.

Mysterious 10, Year-Old Underwater Ruins in Japan Likewise, the huge statues of Easter Islands were constructed in this style of sacred standing position, with hands on omphalos. According to researchers this posture symbolizes birth or rebirth. Hands come together on the omphalos, or navel on monuments at many locations. Numerous other statue samples have been found in: As can be seen, these countries are located in quite different parts of the world.

Statue from Tiwanaku, Bolivia. A symbol of regional power, the humanoid statue stands with hands over navel. Wikimedia Commons Underwater statues and formations are especially interesting. Many of these finds are thought to have sunk during the last sea-level rises of last mini ice age. In recent years, research results have shed light on surprising archaeological underwater finds such as the Yonaguni underwater monument findings in Japan.

Sunken formations of the Yonaguni Monument, Japan. Wikimedia Commons The Yonaguni ruins were investigated by Dr.

What Really Happened On Easter Island?